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ASD Board of Directors

ASD Board of Directors Elections - 2012 RESULTS--

In addition to the continuing Board members Mark Conlan (Secretary), Roger Zimmerman (Compliance Officer) and Mansoor Sabbagh (Global Voices/Media Specialist) ASD announces four new ASD Directors just elected. Please read their activist biographies below:

2012 NEW Board Members


Nunno Pacano

FROM IMMIGRANT TO ACTIVIST: I was born in Sao Miguel Arcanjo, SP- Brasil, a small farming town in Brazil, surrounded by natural rainforest reserves. Coming from a city, and a family, that depended on the farmers' rights, and lived through environmental struggles in Brazil, I was brought up on hearing about the significance that an activist can make on the lives of people of a community.

OCCUPY & STUDENT ORGANIZING: I have been through two years of college in New Jersey, one semester in Maryland, and one year at Mesa College-SD where I am currently pursuing a Sociology degree. At Mesa college I joined the B.E.A.T club (Bring Education and Activism Together club). The BEAT club organized the readings of speeches, marches, and rallies on campus, with the involvement of many professors as well as students. I got involved with Occupy as soon as I heard about the first march. From there I joined the Occupy education committee, and got my first experience in organizing, and being part of a vibrant, comprehensive social movement.

ACTIVIST SAN DIEGO & KNSJ & MORE: Through Occupy I had the pleasure of meeting Activist San Diego and began participating in the Radio Committee/KNSJ because I believe in the impact that a community radio can have in San Diego. I am also a canvasser for Fair Share California, where I do door-to-door canvassing trying to raise money for a non-profit trying to lobby to put an end to corporate tax loop holes and subsidies in order to pay for jobs to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure in America. I have also been participating in Freedom Road Socialist Organization. With Freedom Road we organize and discuss the importance of grassroots empowerment and democracy in social movements, and deepen our understanding of the struggles that working class and communities of color confront.

MY VISION FOR ACTIVIST SAN DIEGO: If elected to the Board of ASD, I believe I can bring the perspective of a college student, embrace, and enhance a renewed interest that students around the country are taking to become politically active again. As a leader of the BEAT club at Mesa, I will bring the perspective of activist college student to ASD board. I would like to see ASD being more connected and known on college campuses, and other activist groups on all campuses, as well as the high schools in San Diego. I would also like to see ASD doing extensive outreaching, canvassing and fundraising, in order to make funds available for work such as radio, and conscious cultural events for the San Diego community.

Nunno Pacano
San Diego, CA 92107

Eva David

Eva David was born in Chicago, Illinois on November 3rd 1978 to Assyrian parents from Iraq. Her mother later remarried a Greek man and the two of them raised Eva in an environment of constant debate over political matters, Mediterranean history, social issues, and the etymology of different inventions. Since her birthdays were so close to election days, she'd spend 1 of every 4 birthday wishes hoping her favorite candidate would get elected. Sadly, none of those wishes came true! She was very active in debates and discussions at school that aimed at solving many of the problems discussed in the media.

Eva began working at the age of 11 and saving money while paying for most of her own necessities in her quest for independence. She moved to Escondido, CA as soon as she got out of high school. Where she attended Palomar College full time while working 60 hours a week at various jobs to support herself. She transferred to and received a BA in Literature & Writing from CSUSM. After that, she finally got comfortable working for a charter school company that partnered with Job Corps to help high school drop outs earn a diploma and learn a trade that makes them more employable. While going to college, she still had very strong political beliefs, but did little about them as she was always so busy. However, with only full time work to worry about, she had the time to more thoroughly inform herself and become active to start affecting the change she wanted to see around her. Also, W was in office . . . if that's not a great call to activism, I don't know what is!

Eva David spent her weekends traveling to attend campaign trainings, media reform conferences, GOTV campaigns in swing states, and the like. She wrote small books that she printed and passed out and contributed to many online publications, such as this one: She even made 7 myspace accounts for different political figures exposing information about them and showing their ties to behind the scenes characters who strongly influence our government decisions. One still exists at . She decided to get mobile in other ways too, so she moved to San Jose to work in the classrooms of one of SIATech's charter schools. Then she moved all the way to Thailand to teach English as a foreign language as well as Math and Science; there she earned a certification to be an Advanced Practitioner and Teacher of Thai Massage. She returned to Escondido, CA because she wanted to obtain an EMT license while studying some other areas of interest to her at Palomar College again. Now she tutors Writing, ESL, and Math at Palomar College, and she is beginning a Thai Massage therapy and school business. She also remains an actively involved part of the Occupy San Diego movement giving teach-ins, assisting with street theater, and generating informational media such as this: Throughout her life, she has developed a strong reverence for diversity. While in Thailand, she studied Thai massage, Thai boxing, Thai cooking, and the Thai language. In working with ESL students, she shows great respect and appreciation for each cultural insight each student can teach her. In her free time, she checks out what grassroots movements are going on around her and getting involved where ever she can on all the issues that continue to be significant to her. What is significant to her is challenging something her AP American History teacher always said. Any time anyone complained about anything not being fair, he pointed to big letters he decorated his room with that spelled "LIFE IS NOT FAIR." She always had a problem with that; not the truth of it, but the fact that anyone could point to that truth and shrug their soldiers. When she sees any kind of injustice around her, she tries her best to make it right. She is committed to the act of trying; she will always be committed to acting against any injustice she sees and helping anyone alone in his struggle feel the support of a community.


Mitchell Sterling

Mitchell Sterling was born, raised, and educated in San Diego, CA. He and his wife have been together for more than fifteen years, and reside in Clairemont where they are raising a daughter who will be entering eighth grade in the fall.

Background and Activities include:
· B.A. Degree in Sociology from UCSD (1984); While at UCSD was active in student government and political organizations. Was a co-founder of the San Diego Students for Peace. Organized teach-ins, marches and rallies; including a rally in February, 1980 against draft registration. With over 3,000 in attendance, it was the largest political rally at UCSD since the Vietnam War.
· Vocational Instructor for developmentally disabled adults (5 years).
· Special Olympics Coach (3 years).
· County of San Diego -- Department of Social Services (DSS); Retired as Social Worker after nearly nine years with the department. While at DSS, active member of SEIU Local 2028, served as shop steward, and then elected to a two-year term on the Executive Board of SEIU.
· Served as a precinct captain for both of Jesse Jackson's campaigns for the Democratic Party nomination for the US Presidency in 1984 and 1988.
· Marched in Washington DC - April, 1989; In the March for Women's Lives, sponsored by the National Organization for Women. Attendance estimated at 500,000.
· Active member in San Diego's coalition that attempted to save Air America's progressive radio format on local radio station KLSD.
· Active member of Occupy San Diego (OSD) for the last nine months. Involved in numerous marches, rallies, teach-ins and fundraisers for OSD. Additionally, have been active in the Radical Feminists of San Diego, a group inspired by OSD. Through teach-ins and direct actions we have sought to educate and empower the public on numerous issues.
As a member of the ASD Board of Directors, I would seek to create a new paradigm of leadership. Not having leaders being solely responsible for providing direction, but rather helping to create a system whereby each individual feels empowered to create visions, goals, plans, and directions for achieving a progressive future. Additionally, I would seek to expand outreach, grow the numbers of active members, and increase our fundraising capacities.
Yours in the struggle,

Leon Dale Thompson

I have admired Activist San Diego since I first became acquainted - sometime before BlackWater invaded Potrero. I especially appreciate the grassroots/neighborhood level participation. ASD is organized democratically to give a voice to the voiceless.

My activist background goes back to my opposition to the Viet Nam war and working for Robert Kennedy's campaign in 1968. In 2006 I was runner-up to Martha Sullivan for Volunteer of the Year award at the California Democratic Convention. (Second place to Martha is pretty good!)

I have managed political campaigns for candidates in East County; most notably Mark Hanson for State Senate. A losing effort but a rewarding experience.

I have been associated with the Heartland Coalition (non-profit 501(c)3) since 2004 in different capacities. I serve on the Board of Directors as Executive Correspondent and Training Director.

I helped start East County Magazine, establishing early sponsorship and enduring relationships with community partners in the region it serves. ECM has had enormous accomplishments for the people of East County. I am excited about the potential for change that can be accomplished through radio.

I am willing to serve if elected and envision a term that will see the launch and proliferation of KNSJ as the voice of the community.